Ethics Trump Power

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We live in an increasingly divided world, governed over by leaders who often seem more devoted to tearing down their opponents than to building up their own constituents, beliefs and ideas. It’s easy to feel like we’re sitting helplessly on the sidelines of a war against reason, decency and ultimately ourselves. But we’re not. Nobody is on the sidelines, and nobody can simply opt out of the mission to improve our world. Thankfully, there is a solution.

That solution is to take responsibility, and learn to lead better: to lead with ethics, not power.

This book is not a check-list of procedures. It’s not a management guide or a rulebook. Instead, this book starts at the core: it’s more about the leader than it is about leadership itself, because ultimately, leadership is the behaviour and practice of a leader.

In Ethics Trump Power, Stephen Scott teaches leadership through his personal story, touching upon important moments in his childhood, his time in the Royal Australian Air Force, and today, as a highly regarded leadership consultant. You’ll learn what discipline really is, why it matters, and how each of The 15 Disciplines work together to make a great leader. You’ll learn why ethics ultimately trump power, and how to consistently align your own work and leadership with that truth.

Stephen Scott’s numerous awards and accolades during his RAAF service demonstrate a lifelong devotion to discipline, ethics and improvement, and mark the beginning of a now decades-long mission honing and sharing his expertise in what it takes to build great leaders. Today, Stephen writes essays and delivers keynote speeches on leadership, and consults in a wide range of business sectors, including environmental science, public health, renewable energies, elite sport, recruiting and education. He is the lead consultant responsible for leadership development of aspiring and current independent school Principals in Queensland.