5-Day Flagship Program

Are you a CEO wanting to transform your organisational culture?

Our 5-Day Flagship Program The 15 Disciplines® of Ethical Leadership, is chosen by thousands of C-Suite Executives as their long-term strategy for leadership culture in their workplace. What legacy would you like to leave behind? Our flagship face-to-face team program creates a shared leadership language with practical solutions and immediate results.

Delivered in a format of two back-to-back days and three single days, at intervals that best suit your organisation, we deliver high impact outcomes in a safe and engaging learning environment, helping your team to recognise, understand and master the fundamentals of ethical leadership that are too often overlooked today.

With the highest probability for success of any alternative leadership development programs, this organisational wide pursuit recognises every person in your organisation needs to be a leader–no matter what their role is on paper–and so the culture of an organisation needs to foster productive effective leadership, from the inside out.

Want the ETHICLEAD team to be a key element to your organisation’s success?

Learn how The 15 Disciplines® of Ethical Leadership will empower you to Lead Self, Lead with Purpose, Grow Productivity, Improve Quality of Life and Build Team Capacity.

Life changing for individuals – Game changing for organisations.