An Interview by Steve Austin, ABC Radio with Stephen Scott 

After reading Stephen's book, Ethics Trumps Power, ABC Radio Brisbane's Drive Announcer, Steve Austin chats with Stephen about the significant leadership deficit in Australian politics and the impact it is having on our society.

A Conversation with Catherine Clark, Then CEO Netball Queensland

Cath Clark was the CEO of Netball Queensland and shared her insights into leadership in a world where ego is vital for success, but so too is humility. Cath played a vital role in changing the Netball economy in Australia and recognised how entitlement has poisoned the cultures of many elite sporting codes in recent times. She is driven by curiosity and is determined to recruit based on who-ness ahead of what-ness and lift others up as she climbs.

A Conversation with Karen Spiller OAM CF,
Then Principal, John Paul College

Why should you work on your career while you are in it and what is the value of having a mentor or a sponsor in your life? In this compelling conversation with Karen Spiller OAM, then Principal of John Paul College in Brisbane, Karen shares some insightful perspectives on leadership growth - including the importance of loving what you do, taking care of yourself, using social media to good effect and how to deal with imposter syndrome. This is a great conversation that is of equal value to both current and aspiring Principals.

A Conversation with Simon Lees, Head of Toowoomba Anglican School

Are you an aspirational Principal considering leadership in a regional school? Are you clear about the challenges and opportunities associated with regional school communities and what is required of you to succeed? In this leadership conversation, Simon Lees, Head of The Toowoomba Anglican School, shares countless positive insights from his six years leading an independent school. Simon provides a compelling argument as to why a regional should be seen as a destination for leaders, not a stepping stone.

A Conversation with Dr. Mark Merry,
Principal Yarra Valley Grammar and Then National Chair of AHISA

What is happening nationally in relation to educational leadership? Who is AHISA and what do they stand for? What are the major strategic challenges facing independent schools and what is the primary role of educational leaders? In this fascinating conversation with Dr. Mark Merry we explore the answers to these questions and many more. This is a must for all current and aspiring principals.

A Conversation with Ms. Toni Riordan,
Principal St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

Have you ever thought of sending your child to an all girls' or all boys' school? Or teaching in one? In this podcast Steve speaks to Toni Riordan, the Principal at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School where she shares a compelling argument for both sending your child and as an educator, working in, and leading an all girls' school. In this incredibly insightful conversation, Toni speaks about the highs and lows of leadership in education and provides a compelling argument for letting children be children for longer than they currently are.

A Conversation with Mr. Anthony Micallef,
Headmaster of Brisbane Grammar School

Brisbane Grammar School recently celebrated its 150th anniversary as a school. This is a significant milestone in any school’s history and could not be achieved without a strong community across multiple generations supporting all facets of the school’s operations. This requires a unique brand of leadership from its leaders not only to lead in the present, but also to predict the future and prepare its culture for the challenges ahead. I recently had an open conversation with Headmaster Anthony Micallef about the highs and lows of leadership within the context of future proofing a school. Anthony’s insights and generous sharing of his experiences as a teacher and leader are compelling listening.

A Conversation with Dr. Rob McEwan,
Headmaster The Hutchins School

How do you lead in a world of changing social values and what are the challenges impacting a young boy’s character development? How do you prepare young boys to thrive as men in an increasingly challenging world? These questions and so much more are answered by Dr. Rob McEwan, Headmaster of the Hutchins School in Hobart, Tasmania. Join me for a series of wonderful insights shared by Rob, drawn from his extensive leadership experience and knowledge.

A Conversation with Ms. Jane Crombie, Director FSAC Ltd 

What does it take to be a Board Director in this modern era? What are the must-have skills on a Board of Directors? What must a board be doing to prepare itself for the challenges of the future. Jane Crombie is a Director on FSAC Ltd responsible for governing two Queensland independent schools and has agreed to share her wealth of experience in leadership and governance. Jane is a consummate professional who has demonstrated a high level of discipline in governance and is an inspiration to any leader, especially women, who are aspiring to take on greater leadership roles in their career.

A Conversation with Mr. Craig Merritt,
Then Principal St Luke’s Anglican School

Are you aspiring to be a school Principal? What is life like in the first few years as a school leader? What are the challenges and what are the rewards. How do you keep yourself in the right physical and emotional condition to lead. In this conversation with Craig Merritt, the previous Principal of St Luke’s Anglican School in Bundaberg Queensland, we answer those questions and many more. If you are aspiring to be a school Principal and you are not quite sure, then this conversation is for you. Craig gives a very honest appraisal of life as a new independent school Principal.