Principals' Roundtable

Leading at the top doesn't need to be a lonely job anymore.

ETHICLEAD recognises the sustained pressure, loneliness and long hours Principals endure on a day-to-day basis. We developed Principals' Roundtable to be a safe space for Principals to release the pressure, escape all outside distractions and share experiences for the sole purpose of collective growth.

Roundtable is a professional setting, that guarantees high levels of conduct, conversation, collegiality and reflections to challenge your leadership and accelerate you to the top of your game. A high performing and confidential assembly of eight Principals who meet regularly to access the collective wisdom and support each other in the pursuit of excellence in educational leadership.

Carefully defined by a series of minimum standards of professionalism which enable each member to acquire the greatest value from the Principals' Roundtable experience. 

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Principals' Roundtable Information